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  • What files do I need to send my artwork/ logo/designs to you as?

    We prefer .EPS files. Vector imagefiles (.EPS or .AI and sometimes .PDF) work the absolute best and will cut down on our cost of design time. If all you have is a raster image, .JPG or .TIF files that are high-resolution can oftens work.
  • What are your minimum order requirements?

    Our requirements are item based on product size, depending on your specific needs. please inquire for details.
  • What is your time frame?

    Depending on product size and quantity, most items are completed in 2-12 business days. Seasonal dependent.
  • What types of material can you engrave on?

    We engrave onto acrylic, leather, wood, metals, steel, and MDF.
  • What types of materials can you cut designs?

    We can laser cut through acrylic and hardboard up to ½” thick. We can router cut wood, hardboard, acrylic, on CNC Mill up to 1 ½ “ thick.

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